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#BoycottHarveyNorman Gains Steam Over Mockery Of Ex-Worker

Harvey Norman’s baffling Twitter behaviour is drawing fire after its flippant dismissal of a tweet alleging to be from a former employee driven “suicidal” by their work at the company.

The consumer electronics retail giant has for several days been blocking consumers, MPs, and unions who complained about its refusal to pay back $22 million in JobKeeper or commented on wage protests by its employees.

One tweet by user Sisyphysical claimed that working for Harvey Norman “drove [them] to suicide in six months”, only for the official Harvey Norman account to respond with a pair of emojis.


The outrage has fuelled the #boycottharveynorman hashtag, with users condemning the company and urging others to take their business elsewhere.

The official Harvey Norman Australia Twitter account, which in its description says it is “no longer a customer service channel and is unmanned”, has for a while now been almost exclusively retweeting sport-related tweets.

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