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Bluetooth Cassette Player Debuts On Kickstarter

As a throwback to 80s retro tech, NINM Lab is introducing the “world’s first Bluetooth portable cassette player”, which looks like an updated version of the classic Sony Walkman.

Dubbed ‘IT’S OK’ and debuting on Kickstarter, it has already surpassed its $12,826 goal, with over 500 backers pledging more than $48,000 to the Hong Kong-based company’s project.

Coming with the full functionality of cassette players of old, it also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities, allowing a user to listen to their favourite music with wireless headphones or through a Bluetooth speaker.

For purists, headphones may still be used as the device also comes with a headphone jack, and as a throwback, will run on AA batteries.

It comes in three colours – cloud white, sakura pink and evening blue – and comes with a transparent case.

“Unlike the convenience of smartphone technology, a box of cassette tapes has time limitations,” reads the Kickstarter campaign.

“Because of this, only the most significant and meaningful dialogue is recorded.”

“As a physical object, this box can be held on hands and passed to people of value, which teaches us how to treasure.”

The launch coincided with the original Sony Walkman’s 40th birthday on July 1, 1979.

Those interested can purchase the retro-tech from Kickstarter for $75, with delivery estimated to be around December this year.

The device will also include a blank tape, considering many people won’t have cassettes lying around anymore.

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