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Harvey Norman Nabs Nexus 5

Nexus 5, the slimmest and fastest Google Nexus phone ever, on sale since Friday is already sold out on Google Play, despite none of the telco’s stocking it. 

But the 5-inch Full HD IPS display smartphone, quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, an excellent rear 8MP camera, on Android’s feisty KitKat OS, is going to be sold at Harvey Norman.
Nexus 5 is already out of stock on Google Play, which states: “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.” 
None of the big telcos including Vodafone or Optus will be selling the new Google made phone, billed as the most powerful Nexus yet. 

Harvey Norman will be selling the Nexus 5, most likely “by the end of the month”, a store rep said, when contacted by CN. 

The retailer previously sold Nexus 4 at higher price than Google Play’s online store.  
It will be available outright, and possibly on a (Optus) plan although this has yet to be officially confirmed, along with pricing. 
Vodafone are focusing on Samsung Galaxy’s for Christmas – the 5.3″ Note 3 ‘phablet’ and Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and has “no plans” to sell the new Nexus build by Google and LG, a spokesperson told CN.  
Optus won’t be ranging Google Nexus 5, either, and is focusing on LG G2 and iPhones, and “affordable phones” including Nokia Lumia 625, Samsung Galaxy Ace. 
Optus have Nokia Lumia 625 on the cheapest pricing in OZ via a vis $35 plan, which doesn’t have a lot of allowances but is aimed at “budget conscious consumer”, a Optus spokesperson told CN.

Telstra were not confirming if they were going to stock the new Nexus on KitKat, but have a link for consumers to register interest in Nexus products. 
LG, the makers of Nexus, would not disclose any information on retail availability in OZ, when contacted by CN.