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Big W, Sony TV Offering Overpriced & Lacking Features

Sony who are desperate to grow their share of the TV market have cut a deal with Big W, the only problem is that 43” 4K TV offering is expensive and lacking smart TV features.

At several Big W stores the new Sony 4K TV is retailing for a staggering $949. At this stage it’s not known whether Big W is looking for margin or whether Sony does not have a competitive product.

Right next to the overpriced Sony TV a Polaroid 65” TV is being offered for $148 more at only $1099.

At JB Hi Fi several 43” 4K Ultra High Definition TV’s are on sale at up to $300 cheaper than the Big W Sony offering. They include a TCL model for $648 or a Hisense model for $649.

Also, at JB Hi Fi a 43” 4K TV similar to the Big W offering is selling for $859. This indicates that it is the Sony TV products that are overpriced with the Japanese Company expecting consumers to pay a premium price for their brand despite the fact that the TV they are offering are being manufactured on the same production lines as their cheaper rivals.

At The Good Guys consumers can buy a 50” 4K UHD/HDR Philips Android TV for $749.

Kogan is offering a 4K 55” TV with HDR for $329.

Neither Sony or Big W have commented for this story.