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Big Retailers Move To Pull The Plug On YouTube

Retail majors Coles and Woolworths along with Big W are set to pull the plug on YouTube over content concerns, other major retailers are tipped to follow their lead.

The retailers are upset that their “family” orientated content is appearing alongside inappropriate content.

Nestle, and video-game maker Epic Games, suspended advertising on YouTube late last month.

The Australian newspaper said that the move comes as YouTube, which is owned by Google, was hit with a fresh controversy late last month after comments posted on videos with children were linked to predatory behaviour.

Coles halted advertising on YouTube last week but is continuing to review the matter, a company spokesman said. A spokes­man for Woolworths said its “activity on the channel is currently paused”.

Several CE and appliance retailers are currently reviewing the situation and are likely to divert marketing spending away from the platform.

Given the large number of ­videos that are uploaded on to YouTube each day, companies were nervous about the lack of controls over where their ads would appear, the advertisers said.

It is the latest in a string of controversies on the video-sharing site that have seen global brands halt advertising because of videos promoting extremist views.

“We are seeing more caution when it comes to YouTube,” James Collier, partner at media agency Bohemia, said.

“The major ad format within YouTube runs on top of user-­generated content. Within Facebook, it runs next to the user-generated content. A subtle difference but one that can make all the difference if you’re a marketer,” he said.

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki said: “Recently, there have been some deeply concerning ­incidents regarding child safety on YouTube. Nothing is more ­important to us than ensuring the safety of young people on the platform.”


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