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SamDroid Kill iPad, Windows

Tabs have gone all Android. And mini, as Apple is losing its golden touch, warn analysts. 

And, according to analysts Canalys, demand for Microsoft Windows tablets including Surface RT and Pro fell to 3.5% market share in Q2 2013, down from 5% last Q. This is despite reduced price cuts. 

Waning vendor support for RT spells more trouble for Microsoft, analysts are also warning. 
Over 34 million tablets were shipped globally in Q2, a massive 43% year-on-year. Tablets now account for one third of all PC shipments. 
Demand for iPad’s declined 14% on same time a year ago, dropping to 43% marketshare. 
The fall was blamed on iPads “aging portfolio.” 
Even if iPads get another refresh it will lack the “buzz” of previous launches, Canalys Analyst James Wang believes
Meanwhile the Android “chasing pack” are fast catching up – demand for Samsung’s rose a whopping 294% – the Galaxy Tab and Note “phablet” maker now has 21% of total tablet market, or half of iPads share.  

Other Androids Amazon, Lenovo and Acer each grew annually by over 200%. 
The mini tablet trend – including iPad mini, Galaxy Note 8.0 is fast catching on. Almost 70% of tablets shipped last qr had a screen size smaller than 9″, according to Canalys estimates 
‘When Apple does decide to refresh its iPad range it will not experience the buzz of previous launches,’ warns Canalys Analyst James Wang. 
‘Tablets are now mainstream products and hardware innovation is increasingly difficult.” 
With branded Androids available for less than $150, the PC market has never been so good for consumers. 
These products generate little absolute margin for channel partners, vendors or component manufacturers. 

Content, applications and accessories (especially cases and keyboards) are now even more important to boost margins – areas where Apple remains a leader. 
This bad new for Windows 8 platform comes as CEO Steve Ballmer last week admitted mistakes with Windows Surface tablets, at a Microsoft town hall meeting last week, reports The Verge
“We’re not selling as many Windows devices as we want to,” Ballmer said, admitting the Windows giant  “made a few more devices than we could sell.”