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BenQ’s First DLP 4K Projector Launches In Oz

Announced in early March, BenQ’s follow-up to their lauded W11000 projector – the X12000 – has now launched down under.

Speaking to journalists in Sydney, BenQ’s regional sales manager Matt Walker talked up the trajectory of the BenQ brand over the last decade saying the brand had sold a solid home projector in the past but had taken their customers for granted after that early success. He sees the jump to 4K as the brand’s chance to renew its cache and relevance to customers, and the X12000 as the perfect product to achieve that goal.

It’s a sentiment that goes all the way to the top of the company’s leadership structure, with BenQ president Conway Lee saying that “The meeting of two pinnacles of visual technology, X12000’s pioneering CinematicColor Technology harnesses the high output of ColorSpark HLD LED Technology to bring DCI-P3 colour quality into the home cinema.”

Utilising the same DLP projection technology found in 90% of cinemas (and 100% of IMAX cinemas), the X12000 offers a true 4K home theatre experience. Not “Faux-K”, as Walker calls it. Leveraging BenQ’s own ColorSpark tech, it achieves 3x the brightness of comparable LED projectors (2200 lumens) and fills out the color gamut of home theater experiences to the DCI-P3 standard of Hollywood.

The X12000 bears a single 4K crest on its chasis, showcasing the lengths that BenQ have gone to to ensure it lives up to the high level of performance they promise. It’s worth noting that while there are other 4K projectors out there, the only two brands to receive proper certification are BenQ and Sony.

This impressive pedigree is further emboldened by the addition of refined upscaling software that BenQ say will provide better pixel accuracy and fewer artifacts and chromatic aberrations – making even upscaled experiences with the X12000 better than its “Faux-K” counterparts.

Designwise, BenQ say that the X12000 possesses “perfect functional design that fits any decor & installation” and insist that the lenses can be easily shifted without compromising image quality. The front-facing ventilation further sweetens the deal.

Walker says that the first shipment of the X12000 has already sold out and that the second is expected to follow suit sometime this week.

The X12000 is available through the specialist home entertainment and installation channel at an MSRP of $9999.

BenQ say it’ll be stocked at Digital Cinema,The Big Picture People, Sunnybank Hi Fi, Gold Class AV, Savi Systems and Blackwood Sound