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BenQ Unveils Its Most Expensive Home Theatre Projector To Date

BenQ has launched a brand-new home theatre projector, the W5800, which is a 4K Ultra HD laser projector targeted towards home theatre enthusiasts with dark rooms.

It incorporates DLP technology with support from a Laser/Phosphor Light Engine, allowing it to project images from 60 to 200-inches in size.

The Laser/Phosphor Light Engine can deliver up to 2,600 ANSI lumens of light output.

The affordable home theatre projector category is dominated by the likes of BenQ, Epson, and Optoma, while Sony and JVC dominate the high-end projector category.

However, this is now the company’s most expensive home theatre projector, costing A$8,999.

The W5800 incorporates a .47-inch 1,080p resolution DLP imaging chip, which contains 2.1 million pixels.

To display 4K, 8.3 million pixels are required. The pixels on the 1,080p chip have been shifted vertically and horizontally at 240Hz to reach the 4K display.

The screen has a 1.6:1 zoom ratio allowing users to view a 150-inch image when the projector is placed 16.6 feet away from the screen.

To reach 200-inches, the minimum distance required between the projector and the screen is 22 feet.

The W5800 can be mounted on a table, shelf or the ceiling at the front or rear of the screen if the screen is compatible with rear projection.

It has vertical and horizontal keystone correction, as well as 2D motorised lens shift, which allows the user to move the lens physically without impacting the image clarity.

The projector doesn’t have Lens Memory, which would allow it to automatically detect and adjust the content aspect ratio while keeping Constant Image Height. The aspect ratio and image height must be manually changed.

It also features CinematicColour, which provides colour accuracy and allows the device to achieve 100 per cent DCI-P3 colour standard.

BenQ provides calibration for each projector at the factory, giving purchasers a calibration report.

Additionally, there’s the HDR-Pro Technology feature, which offers enhanced dynamic contrast, and Blue Laser Dimming and Dynamic Black Technology, which increases the contrast range in HDR mode.

There’s also a Filmmaker Mode, which supports 24P playback that accepts high-definition sources at 24fps without judder in HDR mode.

The W5800 doesn’t come with a modest speaker system. It uses an external audio system and incorporates HDMI-eARC and Digital Optical (S/PDIF) outputs.

BenQ says the W5800 is the successor to the HT5550 projector, which was originally released in 2019.

The projector also has ISFccc certification and 3D display capability. A 3D sync receiver and glasses are optional.

The BenQ W5800 is currently available from the official BenQ website.

Recently, BenQ has expanded the availability of its X300G 4K gaming projector. It was originally available in the US and is now available in Australia, the UK, and Europe (Netherlands, France, Germany).

Additionally, BenQ revealed its new projector model, the LW650 WXGA Laser Meeting Room Projector. Australian pricing and availability for that though is yet to be revealed.

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