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BenQ Claims #1 4K Projector Slot

BenQ is claiming that they have outperformed both Epson and Sony in the 4K projection market in Australia but they have not identified how the research was conducted.

In a press release sent out today, the Company claims that for three consecutive quarters in 2018 they have led the market and now have a “massive 36 per cent share of the Asia Pacific market”.

This information was sourced by FutureSource 2018 Q3 report.

They claim that in Australia and New Zealand, sales of BenQ 4K projectors achieved a market share of 31 per cent for Q1-Q3 2018. Further establishing its leadership in Australia.

In the regions of Japan, India, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, BenQ ranked No.1 in the 4K projector segment in Q3, 2018. The company also achieved a historic market share of 53 per cent in the 4K projector segment in Japan, as well as became the most popular 4K projector brand across the Asia Pacific region.

BenQ also won the G-mark Design Award 2018 for the BenQ W1700 4K home cinema projector at The Good Design Awards. The projector was recognised due to its exceptional product quality, unique Cinematic Colour technology and sophisticated design.

“BenQ will continue to embrace innovative technologies to position the 4K home projector as an integral part of everyone’s home cinema viewing experience,” said Martin Moelle, managing director of BenQ Australia and New Zealand.

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