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Belkin Commits To 100% Carbon Neutrality By 2025

As Earth Day once again approaches, Belkin has announced today that it plans to be 100 per cent carbon neutral by 2025.

The company has already made great strides in this field, reducing the plastic used in its packaging for its range of cables by 90 per cent, with an 81 per cent reduction in plastic packaging for its wireless charging stands.

Among Belkin’s current initiatives includes the replacement of screen protector plastic envelopes with compostable product, while investigating the use of plant-based plastics and craft paper solutions. Belkin has also began the replacement of clamshell plastic packaging, and chain-of-custody certification for all paper sourcing.

In addition, the company has committed to Walmart’s Project Gigaton, which will remove one billon metric tons of CO2 emissions from global value chains by 2030, and the Australian Packaging Covenant, where they have development packaging that aligns with the APCO’s single-use plastic reduction, recycled content target, and the use of compostable materials where possible.

“We set our sights on the highest goals – clearer skies, less air pollution, quieter oceans, and decreased
carbon dioxide emissions,” explains Senior Sustainability Manager Ernie Roberts.

“At a time when companies like Belkin International are pledging to be carbon neutral, it’s important we take note of the natural world right now and do our best to maintain its recalibrated state. ”

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