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Liquifi Enters OZ With Mirror TVs & 22K Gold Frames

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Most television manufacturers focus on their set’s specifications, drowning the average consumer in a pit of jargon. Liquifi operate on the other end of the spectrum with their lifestyle TV range promoting aesthetics. 

For starters, the TV’s frame is custom built from a range of various Italian options, one of which is 22k gold. Additionally customers have the option of in-built speakers or speakers mounted on to the ceiling.

“You select the frame style to suit your taste, interior style and décor,” it says on the company’s spec sheet.

Another example is the mirror finishing which contributes to household aesthetics when the TV is off.

It still is a Full HD (1920×1080) LED backlit television with panels made by Samsung and LG. Although its contrast is on the weak end 4,000:1.

Liquifi Televisions are only available to order online and have a starting price tag of $3,499.

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Here’s a list of the specifications just as the company prioritises them:

The key features for the Framed Mirror HD TV are:
· Hand made & assembled here in Australia.
· Custom built frames
· Typically 1 of 1’s, with “signature series authenticity label”.
· Framed materials are top class quality, imported from North America
· Gold selected frames are real 22k gold.
· The vanishing mirror design is the latest fashion trend for the high-end market but Liquifi has built these so they are affordable for everyone.
· Samsung & LG LED panel are energy saving and eco-friendly.
· Full HD resolution. 1920 x 1080.
· Wide viewing angle 178 x 178 degrees.
· Extremely high brightness 500 cd/m2.
· High contrast 4000:1.
· DVB-T, digital TV system with MPEG-4 video codec, which ensures the TV can receive Full DVB-T HD TV programs (Australian Standard)
· RS232 and external IR available, which ensure the TV can be easily connected with the Smart Home Systems (CBUS)
· Slim design, and surface mount installation, which ensures easy installation
· Back box & mounting hardware included (typically this an additional expense that you have to buy when installing a normal TV)
· Multiple input source types (HDMI, S-Video, RCA, VGA) ensures compatibility with most devices (including Foxtel, Foxtel IQ/IQ2, TiVo, Apple TV)