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Sennheiser Launches Closed-Back HD 630VB Headphones

Sennheiser Launches Closed-Back HD 630VB HeadphonesSennheiser states the closed-back HD 630VB achieves a balance between the sound quality of open audiophile models combined with ambient noise attenuation, delivering “an impressively spatial sound image, while allowing for the users to enjoy their listening experience without any distractions”.

“The HD 630VB is a milestone for Sennheiser: for the first time, we translated our long-standing experience in the field of high-end audio into a closed-back design,” Axel Grell, Sennheiser portfolio manager audiophile, commented.

“Featuring passive noise cancelling, the HD 630VB reliably insulates the user from ambient noise, so he can fully focus on his music.”

Sennheiser describes its proprietary high-performance transducer as the “heart” of the HD 630VB, delivering power for an intense bass experience, customisable to the user’s personal preferences via a rotary bass dial.

With total harmonic distortion of less than 0.08 per cent (at 1 kHz and 100 dB sound pressure level) along with a coil wire made from pure aluminium, Sennheiser states the HD 630VB “achieves an unaltered sound image with a precise reproduction of voices and instruments in the mid-ranges and brilliant trebles”.

Featuring a collapsible design crafted with lightweight materials, the HD 630VB, sporting an adjustable headband, has also been designed for use on the move, built with dampened aluminium on the ear cups, headband and sliders.

“We chose these robust materials to ensure maximum durability,” Grell commented. “Additionally, we made sure the ear pads are exchangeable and easy to replace.”

A remote control on the right ear cup and a microphone integrated into the OFC cable allows users to control music and take calls on current smartphone models.

Sennheiser states the HD 630VB will be available through selected sales partners from June.