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Aussie Teens On Facebook Will Need Parental Permission

The Morrison government is planning new social media laws to protect teenagers from the harmful effects of Facebook.

Attorney-General Michaelia Cash today revealed the proposed Privacy Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Online Privacy and Other Measures) Bill, which will require parental permission for users under sixteen to sign up to Facebook and other social media sites.

“While some platforms have taken positive steps, many others continue to turn a blind eye to the harm to children when their personal information is misused,” Cash said.

“This world-leading legislation will ensure that the interests of the child always come before the commercial interests of big tech companies.”

The bill will also give the AIC more powers regarding how personal information is used.

“Given the information we have seen emerging from social media companies in recent times, it is clear these companies need more oversight, not less,” Cash continued.

“For far too long personal data and privacy online has been treated in a substandard manner.

“Understandably, parents expect their children’s personal information to be protected from those that would do them harm online.”

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