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AudioQuest Announces New USB Noise Filter

If you’re reading this on a laptop or PC, you’ll probably be mildly aware of noise emanating from your computer.

It comes from the power supply, the circuitry, and the cooling fan, and a lot of it courses through your USB connection. None of this is a big deal when doing day-to-day tasks, but when recording or enjoying audio through this connection, it can become a real bugbear.

AudioQuest has the answer: the new version of its JitterBug noise filter.

The JitterBug FMJ (Full Metal Jacket, due to the metal casing) plugs into your USB and filters out the noise and interference when using USB mixing boards, microphones, or headphones.

“Whether used in series (in-line) or in parallel, JitterBug significantly reduces contamination from RF generated by a computer, car, or other device,” explains AudioQuest.

“JitterBug FMJ also thoroughly addresses environmental RF Noise taking advantage of this vulnerable interface.”

The JitterBug FMJ is distributed in Australia by Amber Technology (along with all AudioQuest products), and is due on sale next month. It should retail for around AU$90.


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