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Artnovion Acoustic Panels Proving Popular For Home Media Rooms

The demand for acoustic panels is growing with Melbourne base Interdyn expanding their range of, acoustic panels from Portuguese manufacturer Artnovion room who are known worldwide for their stylish designs that are being picked up by leading architects and commercial project managers.

Interdyn has introduced the Myriad, Artnovion adhesive acoustic treatment panels.

All a user has to do is peel off the adhesive backing users can also take advantage of a layout template for consistent spacing of the panels on a surface.

The new panels absorb echoes and reverberation for more natural-sounding rooms they have been described as perfect for cafes, bars, restaurants, and other public spaces as well as residential homes.

The RRP is $299 for a 12-pack (50mm deep panels) and $459 for a 24-pack (30mm deep panels).

In Australia the brand is up against Sonitus Acoustics which is distributed by Sydney based Convoy who are struggling to get traction with specialist dealers for their acoustic solution offering.

Recently Artnovion announced a new range of residential-focused Lagos Diffusers which deliver a “more uniform sound field” through the use of diffusion in the mid-high frequency range.

According to Artnovion, the new panels are a result of extensive research into diffusion techniques.

The new Lagos panels are based on a traditional “quadratic residue diffuser” (QRD), but combines varying widths with each cell depth said to overcome some of the limitations of a standard QRD design.

“Well depths are individually tuned to enhance performance at certain frequencies, essentially increasing the effective range of the panel, without compromising the overall linear response,” the company said in a press release, adding that the panel’s semi-cylindrical response pattern makes it “the perfect solution” for multichannel home-theatre applications.

Artnovion offers Lagos in wood and fabric finishes.

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