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Apple’s M2 Has Slower SSD Speeds Than M1: Report

Apple has been touting its latest M2 processing chip, but speed tests from multiple sources have shown that the entry-level models of the latest MacBook Pro have slower SSD speeds than last year’s M1 models.

Speed test videos from Max Tech and Created Tech both claim the M2 MacBook Pro with a 256GB SSD is twice as slow as the M1 MacBook Pro. The tests used the Blackmagic Disk Testing tool.

In one test, the M1 MacBook Pro had a 2,048 MB/s write speed and 2,924.6 MB/s read speed, compared to the 1,551.3 MB/s write speed and 1,477.1 MB/s read speed on the M2 entry level.

This SSD issue occurs only in the entry-level M2 MacBook Pro, with the higher-end version clocking the same speeds at last year’s M1.

Created Tech suggests the difference could be because Apple is using a single NAND chip on the M2 models, with last year’s models having two.

Regardless of the reason, this doesn’t look good for Apple’s new in-house chip.

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