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Apple Users Logged Out Of IDs, Had To Reset Passwords

A few days ago, Apple users experienced being logged out of their Apple IDs, and then having to reset their passwords when attempting to sign in again.

Apple’s System Status webpage doesn’t reveal any current issues with services, so it’s unclear exactly how many users were affected, or where in the world they were.

Some users reported they needed to enter in their iPhone passcode to be able to connect to iCloud again, while others with Stolen Device Protection activated reported they had to wait an hour before they were able to resign in.

There have been no indications of the reasoning behind these issues.

Known Apple tipster, 9to5Mac, reported that some of its staff members were also affected by the issues.

Some users claimed they had to reset app-specific passwords as well for third-party apps that access their Apple ID.

Not all users had to reset passwords and some revealed the password reset was only “suggested,” not required.

Michael Tsai, a Mac developer wrote a blog post on the issue.

He said in “another instance of my Apple ID mysteriously being locked,” he had to wait an hour to reset, due to Stolen Device Protection.

Stolen Device Protection is a new security feature that protects iCloud accounts in the event a phone is stolen.

Apple has not yet released a statement regarding the issue.

In December last year, Apple Pay, Apple Card and Wallet were all down for users. It was unclear how many users were affected, similar to this recent issue.

This isn’t the only other issue experienced by Apple users recently. In January this year, Apple’s iCloud Mail crashed, and it was believed to be a global outage.

Users were unable to send, receive or access mail. iCloud Web apps also experienced issues. According to Apple, these issues were resolved in a short period of time.

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