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Apple TV Users Say No Way To 40% Price Hike

Outraged Apple customers have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to voice their displeasure that the tech giant is opting to raise TV+’s pricing by roughly 40%, from its current price of $12.99 with an increase of roughly $5 in Australia.

The latest price increase would be the 3rd hike over 5 years, with Apple TV+ cost rising steadily from original pricing in 2019 from $7.99, to $9.99 in 2020, to $12.99 in 2021, to today’s price increase.

The announcement was made before Apple TV’s revamp, which could benefit from an increase in cash flow, but of the new cost, some disgruntled users say the amount of Apple content does not justify the price increase.

A furious consumer wrote on X: “Apple TV+ was PERFECTLY priced for a service with a decent assortment of worthwhile originals and ZERO library. It’s not worth $9.99.”

The Apple catalogue was criticised as not close to Netflix or Disney+.

“I like a few Apple TV shows, but they do not have the content to justify this,” one X user shared.

Another said: “Will be cancelling. The few shows on there worth watching are fantastic, but once you’ve finished, why stick around?”

Others, however, said the new price is reasonable versus the cost of rival services.

“That’s a fair price, honestly,” one consumer tweeted.

One person added: “They need to acquire more properties to provide a larger library, but their original content is top tier and some of the best out of any other streamers (I’d probably put HBO/Max above AppleTV+.) I think $10 a month is still worth it, considering Netflix is $24 now.”

Customers won’t have long to decide to stay or go with the price increase effective in 30 days, starting on the following renewal dates.

According to analysis by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is joining the ranks of other streaming services to increase average monthly costs.

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