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Apple TV Seriously Falling Behind Roku & Amazon

New data released by Parks Associates has revealed the extent to which Apple TV is lagging behind competitors Roku and Amazon.

Roku managed to further its significant foothold in the US – jumping from 32% to 37% year-on-year – whilst Amazon climbed from 16% to 24%.

By contrast, Apple TV’s market share fell from 19% to 15% year-on-year.

The data reveals customers seem to prefer competitively priced streaming sticks and boxes from Amazon & Roku, versus the seemingly expensive Apple TV.

In the US the Amazon Fire TV Stick retails for $40 and the Fire Box at $80. Roku’s range starts as low as $29.

It seems Apple’s brand strength isn’t pulling it forward in light of current price sensitivity.

Market share for Google Chromecast in the US has notably also fallen down to 18% from 21%.

This data may suggest consumers prefer the ease of use of the Rokus and Amazon Fire TV sticks which some users state is more straightforward than casting.

As a strong strategy, Roku software has also come preinstalled on the OS of many affordably priced TVs. This strategy is also been taken up by Amazon.

Word has it Apple will soon release an updated Apple TV box, capable of 4K playback. However, in a clearly price-conscious current market, the question is whether the ‘premium’ offering will be widely taken up.

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