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Apple TV Comes To Chromecast

The Apple TV app has arrived on Chromecast with Google TV, and is expected to come to more Google TV devices over the next few months.

Google’s newest 4K Chromecast device has officially rolled out its rival’s streaming app, which features Apple Original titles such as Ted Lasso and For All Mankind.

According to Jonathan Zepp, Director of Media & Entertainment, Android and Google Play, Apple Originals are already appearing in personalised recommendations and search results in the US.

The blue “Sky” variation of the Chromecast with Google TV.

“With Google Assistant, you can also use your voice to ask Google to open the Apple TV app or play an Apple Original title. If you aren’t ready to watch right away, you can add Apple Originals to your Watchlist for later.

“These features will roll out globally in the coming months,” he said.

Google TV-powered Sony and TCL TVs are also getting the Apple TV app, with more Android TV devices to receive it in coming months.

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