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Apple Tops the List For Wearable Products

Apple, is once again at the top of the list for wearable products passing both Xiaomi and Fitbit companies. Apple surpassed both of them in their second quarter of sales.

This is surprising given the fact that Xiaomi and Fitbit both sell far less expensive products than Apple. According to Canalys the world’s leading global technology market analysis firm, Apple shipped around 800,000 of the LTE-enabled version of the Series 3 in their third quarter.

The analysts also have predicted over 4 million Apple Watches will be sold by the end of their fourth quarter and up to 20 million by this time next year. Canalys analysts believe that if Apple keeps selling watches at this rate, they will maintain the top spot in the wearables market.

This month Apple sits at 23% in the global wearable market. Xiaomi is at 21%, Fitbit at 20%, Huawei with 6%, Samsung on 5%, and other smaller companies combined account for 25% of the market.

These numbers are good for Apple and now that Apple Watches are now being sold as LTE versions they have become more popular. This is good news for Apple after their recent release of the iPhone X.

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