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Apple To Release Three New iPhones Including A Cheap Version

Keen to hold onto market share while also competing at both the top and in the mid smartphone market Apple is set to launch three new iPhones one which will be an entry level model.

The new models will feature the edge-to-edge screen design of last year’s flagship, according Bloomberg.

The new models are tipped to be both expensive and moderately priced by Apple standards with the US Company also set to launch new sizes to increase the appeal of iPhones.

The three iPhones will be similar to the iPhone X with the new models tipped to be branded “S” models which is a designation the company has given to new handsets that retain the previous design but add new internal features.

In Australia the iPhone X wasn’t the big seller that Apple anticipated with the Company globally cutting back production.

According to people at IFA the new models will be unveiled in September which some say is when Samsung will launch a Flip phone.

The big new model will be a cheaper iPhone destined to replace the iPhone 8. Codenamed N84, it will look like the iPhone X, but include a larger near 6.1-inch screen, come in multiple colours, and sport aluminium edges instead of the iPhone X’s stainless steel casing claims Bloomberg.

It will also have a cheaper LCD screen instead of an OLED panel to keep costs down.

All three will have the gesture-based control system Apple introduced last year to replace the iPhone home button. They will also feature Face ID, Apple’s system for unlocking the phones by glancing at them. Bloomberg reported several details of the new phones earlier this year.

The lower-end device will be Apple’s second attempt at differentiating its phones partly by colour. In 2013, Apple launched the iPhone 5c, which was essentially an iPhone 5 in plastic casing. The strategy flopped with iPhone users preferring Apple’s metal phones. This year’s lower-cost iPhone will use aluminium edges, retaining a premium feel.

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