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Apple To Bring Back Fingerprint Scanner

Apple are looking to take a note out of the Android playbook and reintroduce fingerprint scanners in their flagship iPhones. Many Android devices have in screen fingerprint scanners, while others have them elsewhere.

Apple ditched the fingerprint scanner after the iPhone X in their flagship devices, and instead focused on Face ID, another feature many Android devices have.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that this may change and predicts that Apple will adopt in screen fingerprint scanner technology. While he initially believed that this would be as soon as 2023, he has updated his prediction, and believes that the technology may not appear in Apple iPhones until 2025.

Android phones have used in-screen fingerprint scanners for years, a feature that is now even available in some budget smartphones. Fingerprint scanners are more relevant than ever too, as Face ID until recently, had been ineffective when wearing a facemask.

Apple are known for their slow adoption of features, as they were with 5G, so it comes as no surprise that the new feature will have a slow rollout, possibly appearing with the iPhone 17 (or whatever they decide to name it).

While there has been no confirmation from Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions have been correct in the past.

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