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Apple To Pay $41M For Employee Bag-Check Policy

Apple Store employees will be paid A$41 million in lost wages for the time security guards took to check their bags, and devices, after each shift.

A total of 14,683 employees, who worked across 52 Californian Apple Stores between July of 2009 to December, 2015, were subject to a mandatory policy of having their bags and any Apple devices checked by a manager or security upon the end of each shift.

These searches were carried out after the employee clocked off, and could take up to 45 minutes. This adds up to a whole lot of forced, unpaid time spent in the store.

Lawyers for Apple estimated the amount of pay owed to each employee was roughly $1,754.

Apple argued that employees could simply leave bags and devices at home if they didn’t wish to be subject to the daily searches.

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye dismissed this, saying “The irony and inconsistency of Apple’s argument must be noted.

“Its characterisation of the iPhone as unnecessary for its own employees is directly at odds with its description of the iPhone as an ‘integrated and integral’ part of the lives of everyone else.”

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