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3 New iPhone’s Tipped In 2018

After struggling through the launch of two iPhones in 2017, Apple is set to have a crack at launching 3 models in 2018 is the gossip mill is right.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is tipping that Apple will bring three new iPhones to the market next year. The models include an iPhone X successor, a cheaper model than the X, and a new plus-sized model.

Mr. Kuo originally indicated that Apple would only bring two new phones for 2018. Both phones would have OLED screens. One would be the same size as the iPhone X and one would be larger with a 6.5-inch display and greater resolution.

The third phone which some might call the iPhone 9 but this is not confirmed yet will be the cheaper version of the rest. He predicts that this phone will use a cheaper TFT-LCD display like other iPhones. It will also have less powerful computing power than the others as well. This phone will sell for around $649 USD.

All three phones will feature the full-screen look of the iPhone X with the notch cut out at the top and they will use face ID for authentication. The main difference between the more expensive models will be size. The LCD model will differ significantly more considering it won’t have as many updated features like the other two.

Mr. Kuo has many contracts in Apple’s manufacturing chain, and is confident these are the new additions of iPhone coming next year.

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