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Apple Tease Sept 15 Launch Event: iPhones Absent?

Apple has issued media invites teasing an online launch event for September 15, however, consensus is the hotly-anticipated 2020 iPhones will be notably absent.

The tagline ‘Time Flies’ has prompt commentator speculation that the event will be used to launch a next-generation Apple Watch, alongside a suite of new health and fitness features.

Historically, Apple has used a September unveiling event to launch new iPhones, however, the Cupertino tech giant has been plagued by reports that 2020 handsets will launch later than normal.

It follows component difficulties exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, coupled with the development of its first 5G-supported handsets.

Commentators speculate that four new iPhones will unveil in October, with the September event to reveal a new Apple Watch and iPad.

Both the Apple Watch and iPad have benefited during the coronavirus crisis, with home fitness and work-from-home device demand soaring during lockdown conditions.

According to Strategy Analytics, sales of the Apple Watch surpassed the entire Swiss watch sector last year, notching 31 million unit shipments.

Some commentators predict Apple may launch a more affordable MacBook Air, catering to rising remote educational demands following COVID19.

Consumers will have to wait until next week to see what Apple has under wraps.

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