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Apple Supply Issues Delay 5G iPad Pro

Apple’s long-rumoured iPad Pro with 5G and mini-LED technology will reportedly be delayed until later in 2021 following supply chain component issues amid coronavirus.

The tablet was rumoured to launch in the second half of this year, alongside Apple’s next-generation iPhones which are expected to feature 5G technology.

According to China’s Economic Daily News, the 5G iPad Pro will be produced with LG Display mini-LED parts.

Rumours suggest LG Display will also supply the new 15-inch to 17-inch MacBook Pro, suggesting a further move away from Samsung Display. 

mini-LED claims to offer similar performance as OLED colour, whilst being thinner, lighter and without burn-in risks.

Commentators predict some products within Apple’s usual September unveiling may be delayed until 2021, following the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

The new 5G iPhones and iPad are expected to incorporate Qualcomm components after the resolution of its long-running legal battle with Apple in 2019.

Apple is reportedly building it’s own 5G modems to reduce external dependence, however, the hardware is reportedly not ready until 2022.

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