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Apple Sourcing Curved OLED Display For New iPhone 8

If you are thinking of buying the new iPhone 7 next month, you may want to think again because Apple is currently sourcing components for a brand-new OLED display model due in 2017 that will have a curved edge similar to the new Note 7.

According to sources in Korea where Apple is currently holding discussions with manufacturers the new iPhone 8, will have an OLED display as well as brand-new circuit boards. Among the companies vying to supply Apple is LG and Samsung.

Currently Apple is already sourcing components from these two Korean powerhouses, the company has briefed suppliers that they looking for capacity to supply 200 million new iPhones in 2017.

One major component manufacturer told at the Korean Herald “We are currently pushing to supply our new products for an OLED iPhone. It seems that a decision will be made during the fourth quarter 2016.”

It is expected that the new Apple OLED iPhone will be released in September of next year.

Analyst claim that display industries that are centred on LCD will rapidly change to industries that are centred on OLED.

They said that the fact that Apple is choosing OLED display indicates that it is trying to newly establish a supply networks that are different from current supply network for LCD.

Opportunities that did not exist before are now available for components and materials manufacturers several analysts have said

It is expected that Apple will also use OLED display for its other products such as iPads and MacBook’s.

According to Korean sources Apple is currently developing 4.8-inch and 5.5-inch OLED displays.

 These sizes are almost identical to sizes of current iPhones (6S and 6S Plus). However, it is not sure whether or not Apple will release both sizes.

Some insiders predict that Apple will first apply OLED displays to premium models.

It’s also been claimed that the new Apple OLED iPhones are going to be ‘dual-edge’ similar to the new Samsung Note 7.

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