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Apple Screws Up Again, As Apple Watches Get “Bricked” After Update

Despite being a multi billion dollar Company Apple still manages to screw up with the big iPhone maker forced to immediatly suspend the roll out of their Smart Watch OS 5.1 update after it was discovered it was bricking Apple Watches.

The update which went live alongside the release of iOS 12.1 appears not to have been tested properly despit the billions that Apple spend on development.

At this stage it’s unclear what the cause of the bug is, however consumers are complaining that the download gets stuck on the Apple logo boot screen after the update is installed.

Apple says it’s now working on a fix but they have not explained how it happened in the first place or why testing had not revealed the problem before it was rolled out around the world.

The Company said that’Any customers impacted should contact AppleCare, but no action is required if the update installed successfully.

Some users who have encountered the issue were told to send their devices in for repair or replacement.

One owner of a Series 4 watch told the BBC that Apple had said that at this stage they were unable to determine whether their device needed to be repaired or replaced.

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