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Apple Quietly Building Search Engine To Rival Google

Cupertino tech giant Apple is reportedly discretely building a search engine platform to rival Google, concurrent with rising tensions from global lawmakers to break Google’s dominance in online search queries.

It comes as Apple’s partnership with Google comes into threat, following the US Department of Justice’s landmark antitrust case.

Reported by the Financial Times, Apple has stepped up its efforts to develop its own search engine technology, as the antitrust case targets its deal with Google to keep the search engine the default option on Apple devices.

Users who downloaded iOS 14 also noticed that Apple is displaying its own search results when searching via the home screen – clicked links go directly to the website, not another search engine.

The US Department of Justice claims Google has paid Apple up to US$12 billion a year for being the iPhone’s default search engine for over ten years.

The iPhone maker appears to be accelerating its own technology, should the lawmaker prevent its lucrative deal.

US lawmakers are using the historic case to “break Google’s grip on search,” and it comes as global regulators further clamp down on antitrust and anti-competitive behaviour in digital markets.

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