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Apple Power Scandal: iPhone 7 Owners Now Want New iPhone 8 Models

Several Australian iPhone users have approached legal firms in an effort to get a class action taken against Apple who have admitted to delibetrately slowing down iPhone 5, 6 and 7, models, several have said that they want Apple to upgrade them to a new iPhone 8 for the damage they have done to their existing iPhone 7.

The only thing stopping lawyers in Australia considering a class action lawsuit is the holiday period said a lawyer from Maurice Blackman.

In the USA irate iPhone users have begun legal action infuriated by an Apple software update that slowed down the operation of their smartphones.

As one Apple iPhone 7 user in Australia said “If Apple were serious about their customers they would have openly told them what they were doing. They Didn’t until they were exposed by a third-party Company”.

“This issue has nothing to do with battery life, it’s an out and out marketing campaign by Apple to get users of older iPhones to upgrade. The only difference is that they have been caught out”

One group who are suing Apple claims the software updates that throttle down the performance of iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and some iPhone 7s were intentionally put out to induce customers to buy newer iPhones such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X. That one retails for as much as $1,149 in the U.S.

A second group sued in Los Angeles federal court claiming Apple breached an implied contract in which the company agreed not to intentionally interfere with their usage or the speed of the device, and also interfered with their personal property.

What not surprising is that Apple spokesperson are now ducking for cover, Amy Bessette, an Apple spokeswoman, didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

Apple has admitted that it issued a software update that slows down iPhones with dying batteries. The spin that Apple put on the story was that the software patch was supposed to help people get more out of their aging batteries, and “reduce occurrences of unexpected shutdowns,” according to the company.

The only problem is that owners with iPhone 7 devices that were less than 12 months old have been affected.

“Apple’s iOS updates purposefully neglected to explain that its purposeful throttling down of older model devices and resulting lost or diminished operating performance could be remedied by replacing the batteries of these devices,” the customers said in the Chicago lawsuit, filed this week.

The customers in the Chicago suit are seeking unspecified damages. Those in the Los Angeles lawsuit want their old phones replaced and compensation for the loss of value and use of their phones.


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