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Apple Move To Revamp Stores As New iPhone Fails To Get Traction

Apple who is under pressure to keep increasing sales after a lukewarm launch of their iPhone SE vs iPhone 5S is set to revamp their stores.

Also tipped for a major upgrade are in-store Apple displays at mass retailers such as JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman.

The move to upgrade and redesign the stores is being led by recently hired retail senior VP Angela Ahrendts, she is working with Apple Chief Designer Jony Ive.

Visitors to an Apple store have been given a sneak peek of the new look with the makeover of an Apple store in Memphis Tennessee.

And if this store is anything to go by the back drop will be a massive 12 metre video panel that is controlled from a central source from the US.

This allows Apple to see all stores over a global IP network and instantly change the images and content being delivered to stores around the world including Australia.
Another standout feature is the Jony Ive-designed wooden tables. These are designed to give the store a “warm” feeling.m-apple-store-3

There are also new wooden shelves along opposite walls that carry accessories from third party vendors as well as watch bands drones and speakers.
There’s also no logo or Apple signage on the front.

An Apple representative said that the new store concept will be launched in Australia next year and that Apple has already moved to “upgrading” several overseas locations.
Apple representative Rick Millitello said that the “next-generation” store opened in Memphis is one of the first in the U.S. to get the new look.

The stores’ facelift was also teased in this New Yorker profile of Ive from earlier in 2015.

The makeover comes as Apple struggles to hold onto sales. PC sales are falling and the recent launch of the new iPhone SE, which went on sale over the weekend did not go well.
According to research firm Localytics (via 9to5 Mac) the new 4-incher gained a minuscule fraction of the overall iPhone market, accounting for 0.1 per cent of all handsets.

By comparison, iPhone 6 family of devices snapped up 2.3 per cent of the iPhone market on launch, while the iPhone 5s was just shy of a percentage point after one weekend of sales.

“The new phone was unable to take away the iPhone 5’s share, the model it most closely resembled,” the firm wrote, “suggesting that small-screen lovers have not yet been convinced to upgrade from their 5 models to the new iPhone SE.”

Elsewhere, other researchers described the opening weekend as “lacklustre,” claiming iPhone 5E demand was “significantly lower than that of past new models.”

KGI Securities’ veteran analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote: “We believe this is due in part to lacklustre demand for smaller-size smartphones and, more importantly, that the product itself offers no significant upgrades to form factor or hardware specs.”

The iPhone SE arrived at an event last month promising many of the features offered by Apple’s larger flagship devices, squeezed into a 4-inch shell.

The firm had pitched the device as the ultimate handset for those seeking a device that wouldn’t stretch out both their thumbs and pocket space.

However, the device offered little in the way of new tech, something that may be resonating with consumers judging by the reports of poor adoption over the weekend.m-apple-store-1

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