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Apple Moots ‘Foldable’ iPhone

Apple Moots ‘Foldable’ iPhone

Apple will continue to trail Samsung in OLED display technology but by 2019 will have a pair of “foldable” iPhones that can convert into an iPad, according to a report from Nikkei.

Though Apple will offer only one curved OLED iPhone in 2017, more curved-display iPhones will arrive in 2018 – along with two foldable iPhones, by 2019, Nikkei says.

“Apple may be able to come up with more cutting-edge designs for iPhones in 2018, when South Korea’s LG Display and Japan Display begin to catch up on the technology and can supply OLED panels to the US consumer electronics company,” David Hsieh, a senior director at market research specialist IHS DisplaySearch, told Nikkei.

“The iPhone may come with curved edges on all four sides in 2018, and the home button will be gone.”

As for the curved-edge models: “There will be a 4.7-inch phone that can be turned into an iPad mini. Another model would be a 5.5-inch handset that can become a full-sized iPad when unfolded,” Hsieh said.

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