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Apple Folding IPad Launch Tipped ’24

Apple is planning to launch a folding iPad next year, reported Apple analysr Ming-Chi Kuo.

The analyst claimed to be “positive” that an iPad fold will arrive in 2024 to “improve the product mix.”

He said that the model will feature a carbon fibre kickstand within the design, which will be made by Anjie Technology.

“Anjie Technology, as a polishing and bonding supplier of the carbon fiber kickstand for the foldable iPad, is expected to continue benefiting from the growing trend of foldable devices equipped with kickstands in the future,” Kou said.

“Anjie Technology will be the new beneficiary of the all-new design foldable iPad. There may be no new iPad releases in the next 9-12 months as the iPad mini refresh is more likely to begin mass production in 1Q24,” Kuo said on Twitter.

Kuo said that the company might slow the flow of new iPad models in 2023 as it prepares for the folding iPad and an iPad mini refresh.

“Thus, I’m taking a cautious approach to iPad shipments for 2023, predicting a YoY decline of 10-15%. Nevertheless, I’m positive about the foldable iPad in 2024 and expect this new model will boost shipments and improve the product mix.”

An iPad Fold has been heavily rumoured for quite some time now.

In November 2022, it emerged the Samsung was also expecting Apple to launch foldable tablet in 2024.

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