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Apple Facing Major Problems With New iPhone 15, Owners Flocking Back To Stores

Days after Apple started selling their new iPhone offering, consumers are returning to stores claiming the top end iPhone 15 Pro Max is overheating, another problem is transfers from an existing device.

Bloomberg has reported that owners of the latest iPhone are returning to company’s retail stores in a way we haven’t seen since before the pandemic.

The problem appears to be that all the iPhone 15 models shipped with a bug that could render the device inoperable if users choose to transfer over their information directly from an old iPhone.

With a Samsung device it’s extremely easy to transfer data and normally iPhone owners have been able to restore via iCloud, download it from a backup stored on their Mac or PC, or use the direct transfer feature.

The only problem is that this time round the key capability is not working properly, and users are heading back to Apple stores.

The problem appears to be that owners of their new device weren’t prompted to update a fix as soon as they turned on their new iPhone the first time.

Users are being told to update to iOS 17.0.2 by reformatting the device for the uninitiated and older customers this is proving to be a problem.

Another major problem is overheating of the top end iPhone 15 Pro due to the use of an A17 Pro chip which is overheating which is not a new problem for iPhones along with battery drain.

The A17 Pro chip is manufactured by TSMC with engineers now working to try and fix the heat problem which is showing up in early tests.

The A17 Pro is Apple’s first 3nm chip and it’s this chip that is causing the problem to the extent that some customers in Asia have complained to Apple.

Tipster Revegnus tweeted back in March that TSMC was struggling with the 3nm process, and as a result, Apple may have lowered its standards for the A17 Pro chip.

Observers claim that Apple appears to have accepted chips that otherwise would have been rejected.

Recently, Revegnus shared a heatmap of the iPhone 15 Pro that shows the area around the A17 Pro chipset is seriously hot with temperatures reaching 48 degrees Celsius or 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit and this is leading to the device closing down.

Some claim that Apple increased the wattage of the A17 Pro chip to achieve the benchmark results it wanted, but this increase in power consumption.

The problem is also affecting battery life, that because the heat problem throttles the phone’s performance to prevent damage to its internal components.

And because the iPhone can get to 47 degrees Celsius it is hot enough to cause a first-degree burn.

Ironically, the new device does not have a cooling system built into the new iPhone.

This is especially concerning because the iPhone 15 Pro doesn’t have a cooling solution.

When being reviewed by TechTablets it was claimed that that the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s A17 took just 2 minutes to lose almost 25% of performance, and after 20 minutes of GPU load, performance had dropped to almost 34%.

As one observer said, you get processor performance but at what cost.

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