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Apple Face Wrath Of Israeli’s After Store Staff Allowed To Wear Palastine Support Slogans On Clothing

Apple management have been slammed for letting their Apple store staff, wear clothing with slogans and images supporting Palestine, the move has already let to a major issue in a store.

Israeli customers and Jews have slammed the move, with one Israeli woman who confronted the Apple employee, who was wearing a pair of jeans with a Palestinian slogan stitched into the jeans, kicked out of the US store by Apple management after she confronted the Apple employee wearing the badge of support.

The  employee pointed to the slogan after the Apple employee was called a f*****g moron’for supporting Hamas who beheaded babies by an upset Israeli in the store.

Apple has not said why they are allowing staff to wear clothing with political slogans or whether they are concerned that there will be a backlash from their Israeli and Jewish customers.

Video shared on X captured the customer attempting to confront the worker, leading to a manager’s intervention.

The Israeli woman referred to the employee as a ‘terrorist’ who supported Palestine.

She did not get a reply when she asked the Apple store manager why the employee was allowed to wear such clothing in an Apple store.

A customer, who filmed the encounter, can be heard calling the female employee a ‘terrorist’ who is ‘supporting f***ing Palestine.’

In response, the worker simply smiles at the camera while proudly pointed to her garment saying, ‘right here.’

Another customer then asked ‘Why she is wearing this flag? the man asks the manager before saying ‘do you know what Hamas did? They beheaded babies.’

Rather than get into a political discussion, the manager simply tells him that he would need to leave the store and that security will be called if he fails to comply.

‘We will call security. We don’t need you to harass her,’ she states.

The man replies, ‘I am harassing nobody.’

The manager responds, ‘Is there anything we can help you with outside of this?’

“I Wanna know why did you let them wear this? Is she supporting Hamas? If not, then why is she wearing this flag? Why did you let them wear this flag?’ he asks.

“Is she supporting [terror group] Hamas?’ he demands to know.

The woman wearing the offending flag then puts her hands up to the camera and tells the supposed customer to ‘stop screaming.’

When the woman wearing the support banner for Palestine was told Hamas’f***ing beheaded our babies.’

‘That never happened’, the worker replies.

The manager then steps in again telling the Israeli customers that they need to leave the store.

It’s not known what nationality the store manager or employee were.

Apple management at this stage have not commented on the issue.

One Instagram user wrote “Apple your employee is erasing Hamas’s atrocities. Just as Holocaust deniers try to erase the Nazi’s atrocities”.

Another person wrote “This is so sad and pathetic. What is wrong with these people? The educational system has failed them!

On X a user wrote “So if the massacre never happened…. Then I guess Hamas made up taking credit for it as well rt?