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Apple Boss Claims That They Won’t Buy Netflix Or Disney But They Will Take Them On

Apple who are desperately looking for the next big revenue earner won’t acquire Netflix or Walt Disney instead they will take them both on with its own TV and content creation network, a move that could have major ramifications for both Foxtel and free to air networks in Australia.

Eddy Cue Apple’s Services boss said that the big iPhone Company, aims to expand their content business and that recently the Company has increased their music subscriber base from 36M to 38M in one month. 8M of this are on a free trial.
When asked about a possible purchase of a media giant during a talk at the South by Southwest conference in the USA, Cue noted that Apple hasn’t made huge acquisitions in the past, and said the company aims to produce a smaller number of quality shows rather than focus on quantity.

Apple has hired movie and TV industry veterans to create original videos and compete with Netflix and Amazon.

According to Bloomberg, In June, Apple formally entered the race by bringing on Jamie Erlicht and Zack Van Amburg, a pair of Sony Pictures TV executives. Cue said that the video team, which reports to him, has 40 people and that he spent two years looking for the right head of the group.
Water Resistant Cables & Accessories

It’s also been revealed that after Apple introduced water resistance on its flagship iPhone range, it’s now looking to carve a niche out for itself in the market by letting customers use accessories while their iPhone is submerged in a pool of H2O.

Documentation spotted on the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database indicates that the firm is tinkering with an updated Lightning connector that seals the entrance when inserted, preventing water from entering the slot.

Apple is also experimenting with another approach that goes a step further: vacuum sealing the entrance using a combination of durable pistons, which can double as a vibration motor (saving on precious space), housed in the iPhone itself.

Both solutions will allow customers to use accessories while their iPhone is submerged in water, though the latter will require an external generator to power the pistons, something that Apple envisages being built into the peripherals.

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