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Apple Begins Use Of Chatbot Internally

Apple have begun using a chatbot internally to assist employees “prototype future features, summarize text and answer questions based on data it has been trained with.”

Unsure of which direction they want to take with the Apple GPT chatbot project, the company have started looking into ways of expanding the use of generative AI within, with one possibility giving the tool to AppleCare support staff to better assist customers with issues.

However, this won’t be happening soon, as Tim Cook CEO claimed there are “a number of issues that need to be sorted” around AI.

Apple are still possibly moving ahead with AI plans, with sources saying the company will have a “significant AI-related announcement” next year.

However Apple and Samsung are among those instructing employees not to use chatbots due to the potential for leaked information, and “hallucinations” that producing false information would be devastating.

Apple do need to respond to moves in AI spaces, as Meta recently announced Microsoft’s Azure would be adopting Llama 2, and Samsung will be continuing to find ways of incorporating AI into its devices.

So far, Apple have avoided the hype, but the hiring of former Google AI John Giannandrea in 2018 suggests seriousness surrounding generative AI.

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