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Apple Bans Fortnite Indefinitely From App Store

Apple has indefinitely banned Fortnite from its App Store – at least until it completes its appeals process in the drawn out legal battle between the tech giant and the game’s maker, Epic.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney took to Twitter to blast Apple, writing: “This is another extraordinary anticompetitive move by Apple, demonstrating their power to reshape markets and choose winners and losers.”

A judge’s ruling earlier this month was seen as a partial victory For Epic, but not near the scope of anticompetitive laws Epic claimed Apple were breaching.

“Fortnite should not be blacklisted for challenging an agreement containing terms the court found to be unlawful which Apple forces on all developers as terms of access to iOS,” Sweeney continued.

“We’ll fight on. The need for regulatory and legislative action is clearer than ever before.”


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