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Apple AirPods Patent To Track You Even Closer

Because it seems Apple doesn’t keep a close enough eye on you they have reveled a patent that shows how AirPods could be used to track a user’s physical activity.

The “Wireless Ear Bud System With Pose Detection” would have sensors to grab orientation information like accelerometer measurements during user movements.

Then a host device could communicate wirelessly with the buds as part of a system that supplies you with advice and feedback, as well as evaluating performance of a head movement routine or other exercises.

Basically, if this comes through, Apple could use your watch or phone to tell you if you’ve done your workout to standard.

As it stands, your Apple Watch can sense the type of exercise routine you’re doing based on your movements, such as running or walking around, but if you don’t start it up as soon as you start your routine it takes a few minutes to notify you.

The AirPod patent could ramp this up, grabbing data on your movements and poses then giving you audio data on the data it has collected.

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