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Apple AirPods Major Security Issue Revealed

Owners of Apple AirPods are being warned of a serious security issue that may see their personal information jeopardized. Reports via Business Insider have revealed that even after a factory reset, sets of used AirPods were staying connected to the iCloud accounts of the previous owner.

Making matters worse is that customers may be unaware that their AirPods are even used, as unsatisfied customers return pairs to retailers, who then clean, repackage and resell them.

Chief Sales Officer of goTRG, David Malka has expressed his concern over the security risks.

“It’s like me telling you, ‘Hey, if you sell your car, you have to make sure you unplug this wire, if not somebody’s gonna be able to trace you.’ “

Testing via goTRG, a technology refurbishing company that works closely with major retailers, has revealed as many as 8 out of 10 AirPods face security breaches. Malka says however that the risk is not limited to the new AirPod owner, but also the original owner, due to breached access to their iCloud accounts.’

Credit: Apple

CEO of iFixit, Kyle Wiens believes that the issue is a result of Apple’s business model and ecosystem.

“It shows an underlying strategy at Apple, which is to lock down and control every aspect of the experience, including synchronizing individual parts inside the phone, or an individual earbud to an account.”

MacOS security researcher Patrick Wardle goes as far to say that the risk may come as a result of an intentionally implemented security feature by Apple.

“The issue may actually be something set up by Apple on purpose. Without this hurdle, a set of stolen AirPods could be factory reset to make them immediately usable by the thief, or at least untraceable by the victim.”

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