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Apple Accused Of Censoring Videos Mocking Pricey Stand

Apple have been accused of using copyright claims to have YouTube remove mocking videos featuring “audible groans” from witnesses to the unveiling of the company’s pricey monitor stand at its World Wide Developers Conference this week.

The magnetic monitor stand is an accessory to the company’s (also very pricey) 32-inch 6K Pro Display XDR and costs US$999 (local pricing yet to be confirmed).

The monitor stand, which is being simultaneously mocked as another example of Apple’s questionably high pricing and touted as a beautiful marriage of art and engineering for the niche audience it targets, caused a shift in the room during its announcement.

While attendees were largely impressed by the updated Mac Pro and display itself, the unveiling of the stand brought a less than enthusiastic response from the crowd.

The Register is now reporting YouTubers have had their videos mocking the stand removed from the site based on copyright claims from the Cupertino company, after they used footage from Apple’s keynote presentation.

To avoid further ruffling feathers, ChannelNews has opted not to include any images of the stand in this article to avoid attracting similar claims.

The Apple display and optional stand are primarily targeted at creative enterprise customers less likely to be concerned about the perceived overpricing.

Consumers might instead flock to Samsung’s aesthetically similar Space monitor range.

A 32-inch 4K model will set you back A$999 (desk clamping stand included).

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