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Cambridge Audio Launch ‘The Compact One’at Munich Hi Fi Show

Cambridge Audio Launch

The Company has also announced two A/V receivers with HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs. The new product range also include upgraded Aeromax 2 and 6 speakers. 

The all-in-one system iincorporates a CD player, DAC, FM tuner, amplifier and Bluetooth into a single chassis.At this stage it is not known when the products will be launched in Australia. 

The player  features multiple analog and digital inputs, including RCA, 3.5mm, USB audio, optical and coaxial. 

Other features include 2×30-watt class AB amplifier, Wolfson WM8728 DAC, and a CD player that play MP3/WMA CDs. 

The One features a low resonance, acoustically dampened metal chassis to eliminate as much vibration as possible, the company said. 

Removable speaker terminals allow for the use of speaker cable terminated with banana plugs. In speakers, the company unveiled the upgraded bookshelf Aeromax 2 speaker and the upgraded floorstanding Aeromax 6.

They feature upgrades to their predecessors’ finish, construction and performance, the company said. The speakers have high-lacquer, gloss-black and gloss-white finishes and a fourth-generation full-range BMR (balanced mode radiator) driver. A BMR driver is crossed over at 250Hz to reproduce all high frequencies and mid-range frequencies to 250Hz, the company explained. 

The configuration optimizes the performance of the embedded mid/bass driver, “effectively making it a dedicated subwoofer” and delivering “clear, natural and coherent” sound, Cambridge said. 

The fourth generation of Cambridge’s BMR driver uses a revised honeycomb structure to improve uniformity in all directions across the diaphragm. 

The result is smoother, more linear high-frequency response that delivers a more detailed top end, the company said. In AVRs, the two new models are the Azur 751R V2, due in July, and the Azur 551R V2, due in June. Both feature HDMI 2.0 inputs and outputs supporting 60fps 4K video. Both feature dual HDMI outputs, six HDMI inputs, 32-bit DSP chips (TI for the top model, Cirrus Logic for the other), low-profile all-metal acoustically damped chassis and seven channels of amplification. 

The 551R V2 is rated at 7×60 watts into 8 ohms with all channels driven and features Cambridge’s auto speaker setup. Its chassis is 4.3 inches tall The step-up model adds asychronous USB input for PC audio playback, 7.1 analog ins and outs, 192kHz/24-bit up-sampling, Audyssey 2EQ auto setup and room calibration, higher output at 7×120 watts into 8 ohms with all channels driven, and ability to biamplify front left-right speakers in a 5.1 speaker setup. Its chassis is 5.9 inches tall.