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Analogue Photography Is Back Retro Is Hot & Pentax Is Launching a 35mm Film Camera Which Retailers Love

Analogue photography’s not dead and very shortly Australia will get a brand-new Pentax 35mm old fashioned film camera that retailers are welcoming with open arms.

“We can now go back to making money from cameras, we can sell the camera and then charge $40 for a roll of film, we will then be able to generate another $80 processing the film” said a senior executive from a major camera retailer attending yesterday’s Fuji Film event.

Confirming that the new Pentax film Camera is set to be launched in Australia Clem Kennedy from Pentax distributor CR Kennedy said, “Camera sales are back and growing, the return of a film camera will also deliver additional revenue for retailers”.

According to Fuji Film executives attending their Taronga Zoo X Summit in Sydney yesterday, the Company is struggling to get stock of their Fujifilm X100V and new X100VI retro cameras with retailers taking orders despite a wait of months for new models.

The Fujifilm X100V and new X100VI aren’t just among the best Fujifilm camera they’re being described as among the best retro-styled cameras available in the market today.

A surge of interest in the X100V began on TikTok in late 2022, with users promising that it was a digital camera capable of creating images that ‘feel like film’. Since then, it’s been incredibly hard to get hold of the X100V, and with the new X100VI,Fujifilm did increase production capacity, but despite this there’s still a long wait to buy one in Australia.

As for the Pentax film camera it appears that the Japanese Company is onto something, especially as the viral hype around the sold-out-everywhere Fujifilm X100V,camerta is driving demand for retro cameras.

According to Pentax’s parent Company Ricoh Imaging and local distributor CR Kennedy Australian retailers will get a look at the new camera in July.

Neither the name nor the price of the new Pentax film camera have been officially revealed, however we do know from Pentax that the new film camera is designed for “younger photographers.

As for the camera itself it shoots half-frame vertical photos, due to the high cost of film in 2024 this will maximise value from each frame.

Ricoh’s own press release from March 2024 claims that the Film Project team had to “overcome a broad range of difficult and complicated issues,” including the need to procure parts.

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