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AMD Launches Ryzen 4000 Chips For Ultra-thin Laptops

ryzen 4000 amd chip

AMD has launched its new generation of mobile processors – the Ryzen 4000 series – for offering the most ores available in ultra-thin laptops.

This series has up to 8 ‘Zen 2’ cores, the processors aim to high performing and highly responsive. The chips have built-in AMD Radeon Graphics, allowing you to edit photos and videos as well as stream content in vibrant 4K resolution and HDR.

Silicon Valley-based AMD created the Ryzen 4000 series with gaming and content creation in mind, to offer unmatched processing capabilities in a compact format.

The latest Ryzen series promises twice the power efficiency of the previous series, allowing for longer-lasting battery.

This new offering may be the product that finally breaks AMD out of the desktop market and into the laptop chip market, which has long been dominated by Intel.

The series includes the AMD Ryzen 9 Mobile, Ryzen 7 Mobile, Ryzen 5 Mobile and Ryzen 3 Mobile processors.

Asus’ new gaming laptop ROG Zephyrus G14 uses AMD’s Ryzen 4000 HS-series processor.

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