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Amazon To Deliver 15 day Terms, Instant Access To Cashflow For Suppliers

Sellers in the Amazon Marketplace, are set to reap a cashflow bonanza with the big US retailer set to deliver terms significantly “Better” than what Australian retailers are delivering for brands.

According to both Amazon executives, Australian traders on their site will benefit from 15-day terms.

In addition, sellers on Marketplace, will be able to draw down cash immediately from their Amazon account, within hours of a product being sold.

According to Australian suppliers currently selling on Amazon another big benefit is Amazon’s return policy.

“All a trader has to do is set up a return address”.

A major supplier to Harvey Norman who is attending the Summit said “We are currently being paid within 35-40 days by Harvey Norman. We must also take responsible for returns, then there are the rebate payments. Amazon is going to be a significantly easier partner to deal with”.

“Another benefit is that we don’t have to do instore training, or supply instore merchandising”.

Amazon claim that what a customer gets is ‘optimised sales, a network that reaches 300 million shoppers and a “first class” logistics operation.

Participants will also discover is the biggest shopping centre in the world. “after casting a net they will quickly move to deep sea fishing”.

Amazon’s Australian country manager Rocco Braeuniger opened todays Amazon Summit.
“Let me tell you we are getting really, really really close,” Mr Braeuniger told about 500 potential customers at Amazon’s first seller summit in Sydney on Monday.

Amazon would launch both its retail or first party offer and its Marketplace offer at the same time, he said, delivering products from Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Dandenong in Melbourne, which is already operational.

Thousands of Australian sellers had already registered to sell on Marketplace since Amazon confirmed its launch plans in April, he said, urging other sellers to sign up to reach new customers in Australia and overseas.