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Amazon Scores First Hit Video Game

Amazon has finally scored its first huge gaming success, as newly-released online game New World sets the gaming world on fire in its first three-day run.

New World has exceeded 750,000 concurrent players on the Steam platform, with the action also being watched by “hundreds of thousands” of people on Twitch, according to Bloomberg.

Sales figures are yet to be released, but given this early uptake, and the insane queues just to get a chance to play online, it is expected to Amazon can start popping the champagne bottles.

Amazon Game Studios started making console games in 2014, so it’s been a long road to its first hit. New World itself has been surrounded by controversy, given its early storyline thrust of colonising America, a premise that didn’t sit too well with Native Americans.

The game was first announced in 2016, before being delayed numerous times. Other games announced around the same time as New World — Crucible, and Breakaway — were shelved, along with other games in development, such as Nova, and Intensity.

With all references to colonising America now removed, it appears Amazon has its first bonafide gaming success. Once sales figures come through, we’ll know just how successful it has been.

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