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Amazon Running Out Of Prospective Workers

A leaked memo shows that Amazon is bracing for the very real possibility that it will soon run out of people to hire in its warehouses.

“If we continue business as usual, Amazon will deplete the available labor supply in the US network by 2024,” wrote the authors of the report, authored in 2021, and based on internal research.

The report calculated the available pool of workers, based on area statistics such as income level, age, and proximity to current or future warehouses.

Phoenix, Arizona, and California’s Inland Empire are two areas pinpointed to have labour exhausted by the end of this year. The report suggested rather obvious ways to counter this dwindling pool, such as raising wages.

Amazon has, not surprisingly, downplayed the findings of this report, with Rena Lunak, Amazon’s director of global operations and field communications, telling Vox: “There are many draft documents written on many subjects across the company that are used to test assumptions and look at different possible scenarios, but aren’t then escalated or used to make decisions.

“This was one of them. It doesn’t represent the actual situation, and we are continuing to hire well in Phoenix, the Inland Empire, and across the country.”

Amazon’s turnover rate is 150 percent a year, according to a New York Times investigation. This is more than double the usual rate for the retail and logistics sector.


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