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Amazon Not Cheap Research Study Reveals

A major research study has revealed that Amazon who often claim that they have the lowest prices actually sell products up to 11% over what high street retailers are selling the same products for.

The study by US Company WikiBuy who market a shopping tool, tracked 59 product categories across thousands of e-tailers from April 24 through Dec. 3, and found that on average, Amazon’s prices were 11 percent higher than those at other sites after discounts were factored in.

The greatest price disparity was in TVs, where Amazon’s retails were higher by 20 percent on average, while tech products in general sold for 13 percent more (see chart, below).
Even Amazon’s own proprietary electronics devices were available elsewhere for less, Wikibuy said, including the second-generation Echo Dot, which sold for $38.52 on average at Amazon during Black Friday week but was available from Wikibuy stores for $33.08, a 16 percent differential.

[Amazon Echo Dot]

“Great prices are available all over the Internet, not just Amazon,” said Matt Gratt, Wikibuy’s head of growth. “It pays for consumers to do some research and remember ‘the rest of the Internet’ also has great deals, sometimes better than Amazon.”

The study also found that many items were priced lower after Black Friday weekend than they were the rest of the year, including that same Echo Dot (down 35 percent); the 500 GB Xbox One console (down 22 percent); and HTC’s Vive VR goggles (reduced 14 percent).
Wikibuy, available to consumers as a free browser extension, collects its pricing information from 1.6 million users. Shoppers can purchase items from thousands of retailers through their platform, which displays the lowest prices.