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BREAKING NEWS:Amazon Logistic Centre Up And Ready To Go In OZ

Amazon has kicked off their Australian Summit claiming that their logistic warehouses are built out and ready to deliver goods, it was only six months ago that Harvey Norman boss was telling anyone who would listen that it would take the big US retailer 12 months to build out their operation in Country.

Amazon executives believe that their arrival in Australia will drive sales for Australian manufacturers.

Addressing the summit Amazon Australia CEO Roco Braeuniger said that his Company will “Not sacrifice long tern success for short term gains”.

“We intend to invest millions of dollars in the market and we will create hundreds of jobs.

Fabio Bertola the director heading up Amazon’s local Marketplace operation said that he responsible for the Italian operations of Amazon.

Married in Australia he is confident that Australian businesses will benefit significantly from the investment that Amazon is set to make in Australia.

“we are here today to help Australians get the best We are launching with both a retail and marketplace operation shortly. In Australia there is a lot of small businesses that we can engage with and we believe that we can deliver a global marketplace for these businesses”.

During the presentation he said that businesses can eliminate the need to open stores in Australia while at the same time reaching global customers.

Fulfillment by Amazon was another key element presented to attendees. Bertola said that stock from Australian businesses can be shipped to Amazon fulfillment centres worldwide “opening up markets” he said.

Executives from Koala Safe who already operate globally on Amazon said that they are tipping 15% growth with the arrival of Amazon in Australia.

They also said that locally Amazon was looking at a 2 day turnaround in freight delivery.

When questioned about the difficulty of using the Amazon system especially when it came to IT, Koala Safe executives said that the process was “easy” and if marketplace users had a problem there was an abundance of help and forums to help marketplace participants.

During a forum executives said that all they needed to trade on Amazon was “an Internet” connection.

Several executives said that they often operated from different cities in the world as Amazon handled returns, and all the other issues that retailers in Australia demand that a supplier handles in Country.

At this stage it’s not known whether Amazon will launch their controversial Xmas advertising campaign.

The UK Sun is reporting that “outraged” parents have slammed Amazon for a “disgusting” Christmas advert that shows a dad delivering presents NOT Father Christmas.

Mums and dads have ranted at the giant online store, saying the ad has left them facing awkward questions from their kids.

More to follow.


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